Adding Co-Instructors and Teaching Assistants



A course can have more than one instructor, and co-instructors can be added from Course Settings in the course management dashboard.

Before adding co-instructors to your course, please read our Rules and Guidelines for managing co-instructor relationships.

Adding a Co-Instructor to Your Course

From the Course Management page, click the course settings gear icon at the top right and scroll down to Instructors.

Enter the email address of your co-instructor and click Add to see their name appear in the Instructors list (Note: Your co-instructor must already have a academy in order for you to add them to the course).

Grant permissions to the new co-instructor via the checkboxes in each column, and assign a revenue share if you are adding the co-instructor to a paid course. See below for more details on each permission. Any co-instructor with the Manage permission checked will have the ability to add co-instructors to the course.


Visible: Checking the visible box means that an instructor will be publicly listed as an instructor for the course to students. Their profile picture and name will appear wherever the course is visible on Udemy. Students will be able to send a message to this instructor when deciding to purchase the course or taking the course. Instructors must be listed as visible in order to send promotional emails and educational announcements for the course, as well as respond in the Q&A.

Manage: A co-instructor with the Manage permission can modify course content and settings. They have full visibility and editing access to all course management functions, including the ability to upload and delete lectures, make changes to how the course displays in the marketplace, and create coupons for the course.

Captions: Instructors with this permission enabled can edit, upload and disable closed captions for the course. Please note that instructors with the Manage permission enabled will automatically receive the Captions permission.

Performance: instructors with this permission enabled can access applicable data and information related to that course.

Q&A: This permission controls whether visible instructors can view and answer questions from students in the instructor Q&A dashboard.

Reviews: Instructors with the Reviews permission will be able to view and respond to student course reviews in the Reviews section of the Instructor Dashboard (please note: in order for an instructor to respond to reviews, they must also be categorized as a visible instructor). 

Assignments: Instructors who are enabled with the Assignments permission will receive notifications when students submit assignments, and will be able to provide feedback for them if they wish.

Revenue Report: If co-instructors are assigned a revenue share (above 0%), they will automatically have permission to view the Revenue Report, which details student purchases. This permission cannot be toggled off. The co-instructor will need to earn revenue from the course before they can access the revenue report.

Revenue Share: For paid courses, you can assign a revenue share to co-instructors. Once an instructor is designated to receive a revenue share, they will have access to the Revenue Report for all new purchases of the course, and will see their share generated in the column “Your Revenue” on the report.

Only co-instructors who are approved premium instructors can receive a revenue share greater than 0%. Including the standard 50% academy share, the revenue share for all instructors added to the course must add up to 100%.