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How Expert Tracks work on Knowledge Ka Adda.

An Expert Track is a series of online courses designed to help you master new skills in specialist areas. You pay a monthly subscription fee which includes access to all courses, as well as assessments and the final digital certificate.

Your subscription will automatically end when you finish all of the courses and assessments within the expert if you finish the track; you will retain access to the courses within it after your subscription has ended.

What is an Expert Track and how does it work?

You have seven days before you will be charged your first monthly subscription fee.

When you join an expert, you automatically receive a 7-day free trial period. You can cancel at any time during the trial period and no payment will be taken from your account. 

Your subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel your subscription through the Account area. Your subscription will automatically cancel when you finish all of the courses and assessments within the expert.

Your subscription will not renew if your account is suspended or you are removed from the course by Knowledge Ka Adda. 

Managing and cancelling your ExpertTrack subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time from your account. If you cancel part of the way through a month, you will retain access until the end of your current subscription period. You will not be charged for the following month. This applies for the free trial period as well.

To cancel the subscription:

-Click 'manage subscriptions'

-Click on the change you'd like to cancel

-Click 'cancel subscription'