Our Faculty : The faculty members associated with The Digital Iconic are a strong and dedicated team of experts who posses ample experience to nurture the students at the basic level and simultaneously making them adaptable to face the competitive examinations successfully. The faculty at Hayat is more like companions who inspire the students to master the concepts. This is achieved through fostering innovations in education, interaction with professors, conceptual teaching, assessment, evaluation, guidance and motivation.

Full Proof Academic Strategy : All our classroom contact programs have been designed so that the student, in each subject first obtains the basic clarity and then understands its applications by the graded set of assignments and problems. This is strengthened by daily practice problems and regular testing system i.e. unit tests, module tests and eventually full syllabus mock tests. All the testing procedure is subjected to macro analysis by the institute and micro analysis by the respective faculty in the classroom.

Sensitive & Helpful Management : The Management takes extreme care to address any problem of the students, for this purpose a “Quick Response Cell” has been instituted which ensures that any difficulty faced by the child is solved within seven days.

Study Material : In order to supplement the process of learning, The Digital Iconic provides course material which is unique in its class and is indigenously developed by the experts after careful study of the latest examinations trends. The authors are a dedicated team of experts who are well versant with competitive environment and have adopted a somewhat informal style appealing directly to the students’ curiosity, while describing a large number of phenomenons.

Psychological inputs : At Hayat regular workshops/sessions are conducted to help the child in better planning and creating stress free study environment. Special care s taken to keep the child consistently motivated for effective performance. Students requiring individual help/counseling are also encouraged to overcome their problem by one counseling session with our expert psychologists.

Regular Feedback to Parents : The results of the tests, punctuality and behavior of the student are regularly intimated to the parents.

Doubt Removal Tutorials : At the end of each tutorials are held to remove doubts raised by students.

Library : The Digital Iconic provides library to all the students for an academic environment. A large collection of standard and competitive books are available in the library in addition to the various reference books.